Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia


On Penang Island I stayed in the old historic UNESCO town of Georgetown on Love Lane at 56 Red Inn. The hostel cost about $8 for a 6-bed aircon dorm with a toast breakfast. Love Lane street is lined with guesthouses and sits in the middle of Chinatown; however, this Chinatown is not like any other I’ve seen. The building are all thin and double story with old European-looking facades. Georgetown is the artistic hippy section of the island and it shows.

I arrived in the late afternoon and went to Red Garden for dinner with some girls from my hostel. Red Garden is an outdoor food court with a stage for live bands. The exterior of the area is lined with food stalls from around the world. I had Thai food since it had been a while. After dinner me and one Swedish girl had a beer across the street from our hostel at a Beatles bar. Beer here is incredibly expensive- $4 for a bottle.

On my first and only real day in Penang I woke-up and headed to my first yoga class in over three months, at Sunalini on Love Lane. The class was $10 and not worth it. We did three poses and some stretching and that’s it.


Afterwards I walked around the artistic part of Georgetown. The area has murals scattered randomly on the buildings, iron UNESCO sculptures, coffee shops, book stores, artistic stationery stores, vintage clothing stores, etc.




Afterwards I walked through Little India which is right nearby. I ate lunch in Little India at Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahw An and got tricked for the first time as a tourist in Malaysia. I ordered the chicken curry which said $4. I was served the curry along with a leaf with 3 small heaps of vegetables, and two dipping sauces. At the end I was charged $7 because apparently the vegetables were extra. I assumed it was like Myanmar and you just got extra small dishes. Now I know.

Then I paid $3 to see Khoo Kongsi, a Chinese Malaysia house in the middle of Georgetown. The house is the oldest clan house and is know for having gold painted walls, wood carvings on the walls, paper lanterns and huge wooden furniture. I expected a large house, or at least that’s how it’s described, but it ended up just being the facade and one room. It was beautiful but a complete rip off for the money.

I spent the rest of the day wandering the streets and catching up on errands. I walked past the blue mansion that was a break taking shade of blue.



For dinner I ate street food with a girl from Finland and a girl from Sweden who I also ate with the night before. We had Won ton mee, noodles with steamed and fried wontons in a dark sauce. I also got a tomato carrot juice. I had been wanting to try the fresh tomato juice and it was just as bizarre as I suspected- very watery.


The next morning I took a bus to the Cameron Highlands with Sweden and Finland.

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