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Cajun Salmon with Broccoli, Shallots and Golden Raisins



This Blackened Cajun Salmon with Broccoli, Shallots and Golden Raisins is spicy and sweet. The cajun gives the salmon a nice kick while the sautéed shallots and raisons add a softer sweet touch to the pallet. I made this with broccoli because I couldn’t find broccoli rabe, so I know either would be fine. The rabe would add a bit more of a bitter kick which would also be nice.

Cajun White Fish with Black-Eyes Peas and Stewed Collards



This is a really easy meal with not a lot of ingredients or prep. I simply put Cajun seasoning (store bought) onto of tilapia (any white fish would work). I paired this with canned black-eyes peas that I heated up on the stove. I also sautéed collards, chopped tomatoes and onions as a second side.


- white fish (1 filet per person)

- cajun seasoning

- 1 large can black-eyes peas

- small onion chopped

- 1 large tomato chopped

- 1 bunch collard greens

- olive oil


1. Rinse and strain black-eyed peas

2. Chop collard greens. Put pot on medium-high heat. Place a little bit of water in pot then add greens.

3. Spread seasoning over both sides of fish

4. When collards are almost cooked through add chopped tomatoes and onions.

5. Put beans in microwave or over stove top to cook.

6. Put pan on medium-high heat. Add 1tbs olive oil, then fish. Cook a few minutes on each side until cooked through.

7. Place all food on plate. Serve with lemon wedges.