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Seminyak/Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

 I stayed in Seminyak for my last three nights in Indonesia to be closer to the airport. I was planning to completely avoid the Seminyak/Kuta area, which is incredibly touristy, but I ended up having a great time there (in a Western way.) I stayed at M Boutique Hostel and spent most of my time hanging out there by the pool. There’s a cheap take-out local food spot right next door, and a cheap Warung down the road.

There’s not much to do in Seminyak and Kuta. There are tons of expensive western hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, yoga studios, etc, but all of that is out of a backpackers price range. Seminyak and Kuta is where Australians come for vacation to treat themselves. Also, I never made it to the beach but I’ve only heard negative things in comparison to other beaches.

I traveled to Seminyak with the two NZ girls, the Canadian boy and a British guy who an NZ knew before from traveling. We all stayed in the 43 bed dorm that was actually nice because it was modern and compartment style. The hostel wasn’t full but there were a handful of people there that were a lot of fun.

The first night there we went to a local fancy restaurant for dinner. I had mixed vegetables with seafood and it came in a thick gravy. I was really excited to have large shrimp for the first time in a while but they were overcooked and rubbery. 

The next day I went to Potato Head day club with a group of people from the hostel. The bar has a large grassy lawn surrounded by tables to the backside and a pool towards the front that overlooks the beach.  

We relaxed in the pool and each had a Japanese Bloody Mary, a Bloody Mary served with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. I only had one drink there because it was quite expensive ($12 for a drink) but there’s no entrance fee and you can stay without buying anything at all. 


We grabbed local food on the way home then lounged by our pool. That night I went next door and picked up rice, sautéed veggies and 3 pieces of chicken for less than a dollar. Eight of us then grabbed cabs and we rode the 20 minutes ito Kuta, where the nightlife is. We had planned to go to Sky Garden for free drinks but there ended up being a cover charge and no free drinks so we decided to go to Alleycats instead for cheap double doubles (red bull and vodka for $1.50 each.)

The next day we all lounged by the pool and around the hostel. One guy ordered in a massive amount of KFC and we all snacked on fried chicken.

Later that night seven of us headed back to Alleycats. This time I stuck to gin and tonics; the red bull vodkas were too much of me the night before. When the bar closed around 1am we all headed back and did some night swimming. The next afternoon I left Indonesia and flew to Malaysia Borneo. I had to pay 300,000 rp to immigration because I overstayed my visa for one day. But luckily they forgot to charge me the country exit fee so I saved 200,000 rp.