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Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia


I took the Dmitri public bus from the airport to Senggigi for 35,000 rp. I had the driver drop me off before the town center, and I then had to walk off the main road down a long dark skinny alleyway that twists and turns to find the guesthouse (I only got lost once because the arrows point opposite directions.) I stayed at Indah Homestay, a lovely little guesthouse run by Suzanne from Holland and her Indonesian husband. All the rooms face inwards towards a garden and each has a little terrace as well; it felt nice, like I was in Florida or the Bahamas. The room was basic with a squat toilet and a fan.

[I arrived in Lombok too late to catch a ferry to Gili, so I stayed in Senggigi as a layover.]

I woke-up in the morning and had my included breakfast on my terrace- a fried egg, toast, fruit, spreads and tea. I then went back to bed to relax more before exploring.


I walked across the street to get to the beach. The sand wasn’t pristine white and it smelled like garbage. I walked along the shore, around a bend of waves where local fisherman chilled as did the surfers. All along the beach there are fancy bungalow hotels although I do not know who would pay to swim at this beach. I then entered back through the port.



I walked down the road which had a few cute restaurants to Orchid Day Spa, which I read about on TripAdvisor. I got a manicure (first one since NYE,) a pedicure (first one in almost two months,) and a massage. All the nail colors were bizarre, like pukey-looking reds, purples and pinks. While my nails were drying I saw someone getting a hair wash and decided I really wanted one too. Total cost for my 3 hours of relaxation was 145 rp ($11.)


I walked back towards the guesthouse and stopped at Sunshine Restaurant (Chinese) on the beach for dinner and to watch the sunset. Both ended up being disappointing although it was still very nice to sit outdoors and eat. I ordered morning glory with squid and I couldn’t make out the difference between the minuscule pieces of squid and the garlic. As for the sunset, it was too cloudy but still colorful.


After dinner I picked up some local gummies and went back to my room to catch up on the West Wing. Almost done with season 2 after five months.