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Nha Trang, Vietnam


I decided I wanted to bike (bicycle) to Nha Trang a few weeks ago after someone told me the motorbike trip was beautiful. I definitely needed the exercise as I never exercise here, but I didn’t factor in how hard it would be considering I’m out of shape. The total trip is 140km and we biked about 80km. The trip was listed as easy moderate, which it probably was, but to us backpackers it felt incredibly difficult. Scotland and I walked our bikes up almost every hill, and there were a lot even though the brochure said there were only a few in the first 3km. Wales rode the whole way without any issues. Although the trip was rough it was worth it. We biked through mountains and past a ton of waterfalls. The best part was a long downhill winding road that lasted about 30 minutes- high speed chasing. The trip took about 7 hours and we got to Nha Trang around 3:30pm.



Nha Trang is a beach town on the coast of Vietnam. It’s primarily a Russian tourist spot. All the signs and menus are written in Russian first, then Vietnamese, and then maybe English. There were a few Asian tourists and a few backpackers, but about 90% of the people walking around were Russian. There’s even Russian dishes on most restaurants menus.

The town reminded me a lot of Miami. There’s the beach strip (with a road in between), and a few streets in of restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops. The beach is lined with palm trees and trees cut to look like bonsai’s. It’s a tourist beach town so it’s overpriced, but still better than the states.

Our first night we ate at a western spot near the beach. I had chicken fajitas which wasn’t amazing but hit the spot. After that we met up with one of Scotland’s friends (also from Scotland who I also knew before,) and his girlfriend who just joined the trip. We went to Why Not Bar and played pool for a few hours. Around 11pm I went home because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m now going to be traveling with the Scottish and Mr. Wales, the Celtic crew.


The next day the five of us went to Vinpearl Land. Vinpearl is a small island off the coast that was bought and developed by a Vietnamese billionaire. It now holds a resort, waterpark, amusement park, arcade, aquarium, dolphin show, and there’s a beach. For 550 Dong, $27.50, everything is included. To get there you take the longest cable car in the world that’s over water. The ride is about 20 minutes and has amazing skyline views.

We headed straight for the waterpark when we got there. Spent a few hours riding all types of slides, playing in the wave pool and floating down the lazy river. Later on we went to the dolphin show, which had the city skyline as a backdrop. Then we headed to the amusement park. We rode the alpine sled which was fast and awesome. Next we did the roller coaster (which I did! Although it was mini), then bumper cars, then we headed to the arcade. I played a ton of racing games, tanks and shooting games but after a while the bright lights and noise started to bug me. Me and the Scottish girl headed outside, where it was now dark. We grabbed a beer and rode the swings while we waited for the boys for over an hour.




After the park and the cable car back we headed for street food. I ordered bun, which I’ve been craving, but they brought me pho instead. As usual they didn’t speak a word of English so I’m still craving bun. We all stayed in that night and watched Gone Girl on our hostel TV.

The next day I woke up with a slight cold. Probably going from hot to cold weather, then back to hot in a few days. But we had to check out so I had no time to feel sick. We headed to the beach but it ended up being too windy and cloudy to stay. We decided to walk down the beach to the Nha Trang Shopping/ Entertainment Center to hang out for a few hours, then we went back to Why Not Bar to relax. On our way back to our hostel we stopped at A-Mart, an amazing convenient store we found earlier that day to stock up on snacks. They had Fruit Snacks Tangy Flavor which I got because I’ve never seen it before. At 6:30pm we got picked up for our sleeper bus to Hoi An.